What is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?
A manufactured home is built to the Federal or HUD Code and is built on a non-removable steel chassis. Sections are transported on removable wheels and axles. A modular home is built in compliance with the state, regional and/or local codes applicable to its specific location. The new home is then transported to the site on carriers and removed by crane or other methods.
How does the construction of a modular home compare to a site-built home?
Modular homes meet or exceed the same building codes governing conventionally built homes. All homes offered by Riley Homes feature 2" x 6" walls with available R-21 insulation whereas typical site-built homes have 2" x 4" walls with R-11 insulation. In addition, modular homes are built in a controlled factory setting protecting your raw materials from the weather. This can help to minimize or prevent future issues that may arise with a conventional built home where the environment can not be controlled and your lumber and other materials may be exposed to rain, extreme heat, extreme cold or other undesirable elements. 
Do HUD federal code or modular state code homes depreciate more than stick- built homes?
A home's appreciation or depreciation is much more dependant on location and the specific economic climate of that location than any certain type of construction method. Consulting a lender or realtor may provide additional details.
We have an undeveloped building site. Can Riley's help with site preperation for our new home?
Riley Homes, Inc. has relationships with experienced contractors and can act as your general contractor to coordinate the installation of wells, septic systems, excavation, foundations, basements, garages, porches, decks, plumbing, electrical, flatwork and anything else necessary to complete your new home project.
Do we get to have our new Riley Home custom built to our specific wants and needs?
Yes! One of the (many) steps in the process of building your new home is meeting with our professional sales staff to work together on your specific options and colors. We will work together to make the home unique to you - your dream home.
How much does a home from Riley Homes, Inc. cost?
Each project is different and each project will have a different cost. Many factors are involved in determining your cost. The size and model you choose, the amount of work needed to prepare your site, the additions you want such as garages, wells, septic sytems, etc. For the house itself, a typical budget will range from $45 - $65 per square foot. In addition to the home prices, don't forget to budget any site prep required to complete your new home project.
Can you send out additonal information?
Addtional information is provided here at this web site and the links you can follow to the manufacturers' sites from within this site. The very best way to gain further information is to visit the sales center where you can tour the 10 - 12 homes that are on display at all times. This will also give you the opportunity to discuss your ideas for your own project with the consultants.
Do you have display homes we can see?
One of the many benefits of visiting Riley Homes, in addition to meeting our knowledgable and professional sales staff, is the opportunity to see a wide range (in price, size and even manufacturer) of model homes. Come on over - you will be glad you did!

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