How much does a home from Riley Homes, Inc. cost?


This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer. This is because a price is based upon two factors; house and site prep. Starting with site prep, there is no way to accurately price a new home package without physically visiting the site. No two sites are the same, thus every client has different site prep cost requirements. As far as the home, this is also difficult to price without knowing what a clients specific want or needs are (i.e number of bedrooms, finishes, etc).

What is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home?


First off, great question! This is probably the most misunderstood aspect within our industry. We wish that there were only two terms; Modular and Double-wide. This would make things so much easier! Until then, we define a modular as an offsite built home that meets or exceeds local building codes. They are typically built on private land, whether that's in a subdivision, in town or even in the country. Any local lender will finance a modular. This is because the same conditions apply as they would for a conventional ''onsite'' built home (i.e. set on a foundation).

A double-wide on the other hand is only built to a HUD code, and is permanently affixed to a steel frame for support. These are typically what you would find in a mobile home park, although some people have placed these on private land as well. For more specific details, please contact us directly.

How does the construction of a modular home compare to a site-built home?


Today's Modular homes are built using some of the latest technology for the new home building process. This helps eliminate ''guessing'' or compensating for uneven wood cuts, etc.

A Modular home is also considered very ''green'' This is because they are built with minimal waste compared to traditional ''stick built'' projects. Modular homes are also more energy efficient! Lastly, a modular home is built in a controlled environment. This means that your new home will not be exposed to weather. I bet we have all seen a home being built out in the open, with rain, snow, etc. prior to the home even being completed enough to the point where it would be weather proof. 

Can we have our Riley Home custom built to our specific wants and needs?


Yes! One of the (many) steps in the process of building your new home is meeting with our professional sales staff to work together on your specific options and colors. We will work together to make the home unique to you - your dream home!

Do you have display homes we can see?


One of the many benefits of visiting Riley Homes, in addition to meeting our knowledgeable and professional sales staff, is the opportunity to see a wide range (in price, size and even manufacturer) of model homes. Come on over - you will be glad you did!

We have an undeveloped building site. Can Riley's help with site preperation for our new home?


Yes! Riley Homes, Inc. has relationships with experienced contractors and can act as your Project Manager to coordinate the installation of wells, septic systems, excavation, foundations, basements, garages, porches, decks, plumbing, electrical, flat-work and anything else necessary to complete your new home project. Riley Homes also utilizes licensed and insured contractors to control the quality of your required site prep.